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Square Footage: 1.7 Million

Cost: $350 Million

Location: Miami, FL

Key Features: Required Extensive Land Use Approvals and Amendments | $25 Million of Offsite Road Improvements | Creation of First Miami-Dade County CDD

Firms Role: Joint Venture Developer, Leasing


Dolphin Mall was developed as a 1,700,000 gross square foot (1,400,000 GLA) super-regional outlet mega-mall and entertainment complex. The Dolphin Mall was part of a mixed-use commercial development encompassing more than 320 acres on the last significant develop-able parcel of undeveloped land in the area.

In addition to the retail, this development includes approximately four million square feet of industrial and telecommunications buildings (see Beacon Tradeport/LightSpeed Miami Center). The Dolphin Mall, which was the first of its kind in South Florida, incorporates a unique combination of shopping, dining, entertainment and amusements. This exciting combination attracts both residents and tourists with an estimated 18 to 22 million visits per year.

The project required extensive land use approvals including a DRI, Land Use Plan Amendment and rezoning. To accommodate the forecasted traffic volumes, the Swerdlow Group had to construct $25-million of offsite road improvements including a new interchange at Northwest 12th Street and the Florida Turnpike (HEFT).  To finance the extensive onsite and offsite infrastructure requirements, a Community Development District (CDD) was created.  This was Miami-Dade County’s first CDD.  The CDD issued tax-exempt bonds which will be repaid through assessments against the property.

Swerdlow Group

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