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Square Footage: 906,000

Cost: $95 Million

Location: Hollywood, FL

Key Features: I-95 access | Visibility | Extensive groundwork to protect local environment

Firms Role: Developer, Leasing, Property Management


Oakwood Plaza, a 906,000 square foot regional power center, is the largest open air shopping center in South Hollywood and spans an entire mile of frontage directly on Interstate 95. The property enjoys great visibility on I-95 between the Sheridan Street and Stirling Road exits. The Swerdlow Group determined that if the balance of land between these exits could be acquired, it would own a unique piece of property suitable for a large-scale regional shopping center.  The north and south parts of the property were separated by the C-10 Canal Spur.  A bridge had to be permitted and built over this environmentally sensitive body of water.  The plans included measures to protect existing mangroves, plant new mangroves and installation of rip-rap to prevent erosion of the banks.


Development of the project was completed substantially in accordance with the original budget and timeline.

Swerdlow Group

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