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Single Family


Cost: $288 Million

Location: Pembroke Pines, FL

Key Features: 1,800 Single Family Homes | Joint Venture Partnership | Range of style and size residences to appeal to varied demographic

Firms Role: Co-Developer, Leasing, Joint Venture


Westfork and Spring Valley were joint venture projects between Swerdlow Group and Westbrooke Communities.  Swerdlow Group with its vast experience in development was responsible for zoning, permitting and infrastructure.  Westbrooke, a very well-known home builder in South Florida, constructed the residences.  Westfork offered a range of styles from modest townhomes to high-end luxury homes.   By appealing to such a varied demographic, and with the burgeoning population in western Pembroke Pines, the project was very successful and sold out much more quickly than projected.

Swerdlow Group

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Address: 2901 Florida Street Suite 806
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Telephone: (305) 476-0100

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