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Single Family


Cost: $150 Million

Location: Hollywood, FL

Key Features: 477 Units | 153 Acres | Required Extensive Zoning & Land Use Work

Firms Role: Co-Developer, Joint Venture


Oakridge is a 153-acre, 477-unit high-density single-family residential development located on a former golf course. The Swerdlow Group completed a local Land Use Plan Amendment with the Florida Department of Community Affairs, Broward County and the City of Hollywood following its annexation into Hollywood from unincorporated Broward County.  The County and City Land Use Plans had to be modified accordingly and were successfully defended against an appeal by local community groups.


Unique development characteristics include converting an existing golf course drainage and outfall system to serve a residential development.  Approvals to route drainage outfall to the Dania Cutoff Canal were obtained from the US Army Corp of Engineers, State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection, South Florida Water Management District, Broward County Department of Environmental Protection and the City of Hollywood.


The Oakridge development also included the preservation and incorporation of a 6-acre archaeological site within the site’s 40-acres of open area and passive parks.

Swerdlow Group

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